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The Sweathead Do-Together 2021

The Sweathead Do-Together

It happened and it was epic.

You can see some of the videos on our YouTube channel. Sweathead members will get a taste of the sessions in the months to come.

The Sweathead Do-Together is the first strategy conference you can turn into a plan.

It will happen over two days in September, 2021. It will feature over 16 speakers plus an optional masterclass on the third day. It will occur online. And it will make most sense for people in the timezones between Los Angeles and New York.

With our first ever Sweathead Do-Together, we'll address many of the challenges identified in Sweathead Feelings Check-In Survey 2021.

Sneak Peak of Videos from Three Do-Together Speakers

Each speaker's talk will begin with a highly-produced 8 minute video, followed by a 22 minute interactive workshop with attendees.


The Adventure

Wednesday, September 22 & Thursday, September 23

12pm-5pm NYC
9am-2pm LA
5pm-10pm UK
5pm-10pm rest of Western Europe



Day 1: What a strategy career feels like in half a day.

Rob Estreitinho

Strategy Director at VCCP & Publisher of Salmon Theory

You Work In Advertising But You Have Doubts About Capitalism–Now What? 

Derek Walker

CEO, brown & browner

The Advertising Industry Is Working Scared And This Isn’t A Winning Strategy 

Natalie Kim

Founder, We Are Next

Why Old Advertising Agency Ways Don't Work For Young Advertising Minds

blake desormeaux

Digital Strategy Director, Digitas Health

Getting Distracted By Job Titles Can Derail Your Career–Until You Know What Makes You Tick

Payal Pereira

Strategist, SYLVAIN

The Making of a Strategy Portfolio

Brian Wakabayashi

Principal, Brand Strategy at the Cōlab Group

How To Keep Thinkers Safe In An Unsafe Industry

Amanda Rue

CEO, The Shift/Work Shop

How We All Can Create Cultures Free From Harassment by Using Our Voice

Jocelyn S. Lai

Head of Talent Acquisition, Duolingo

The Two Types Of Feedback That Can Break You Out of a Career Loop

Day 2: If a marketing brief came in right now, here's what to do.

Fergus O'Carroll

Founder & Host, On Strategy Showcase

Lessons From Some Of The World's Most Effective Strategists 

Dr. Kasey Windels

Advertising Professor, Florida

You Know Emotional Advertising Is Important But Did You Know A Strong Insight Makes The Emotion Happen? 

Heleana Blackwell

Senior Strategist, The&Partnerships

Your Insight Is a Joke (if You Want It To Be)

Colleen Berg

Director, Strategic Insights @ The Palmerston Group

How To Make Friends With Research

Ilana Bryant

Chief Intelligence Officer at Special Forces - Forecasting, Insights and Brand Strategy

How To Get A Creative Leader To Listen To You

Vikki Ross

Brand, TOV & Copy Consultant

If The Best Copywriter Thinks Like A Strategist, Can The Best Strategist Write Like A Copywriter?

Victor Pineiro

Creative Director, HBO Max

Your Presentations Are Boring–Here’s How Screenplay Techniques Can Help

Agathe Guerrier

Global Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA Worldwide

Win At Meetings By Making Everyone Feel They’ve Won 

Masterclass on Friday, September 24

"Strategy! The Workout" with Mark Pollard, based on his book "Strategy Is Your Words".

12pm to 4:30pm NYC
  • The Four Points
  • Linear and lateral thinking plus ideas
  • Problem identification
  • Insights
  • Strategy statements

Standard Admission


Admission to the first two days of the conference with twelve plus speakers.

Standard + Masterclass


Admission to the first two days of the conference with twelve plus speakers. Plus a third day of the masterclass.


Interested in sponsoring The Do-Together?

We want to acknowledge companies that support their strategists. For more information about how to sponsor the event, check out our document about sponsorships.

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