The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator starts Nov. 1

Sweathead FAQ

We have just launched this new and simple Sweathead website. We'll update our FAQs as new questions reach us.

Most of the below is correct although we have now launched a new payment gateway and a Shopify shop and we need to double-check everything through August.


Sweathead Membership (see below for "Strategy Is Your Words")

What am I signing up for?

If you become a member of Sweathead, you'll get access to one hundred strategy classes that you can take at your own pace. The classes will be available to you while you are an active member. If your credit card or Paypal payment fails, you'll need to update your details. You won't be able to access to the classes if your payment fails. You can update your payment details by logging into Sweathead.

Can I pay via Paypal?

Yes. You'll need to use the same email for your Sweathead login as you use for your Paypal login. Allow the systems a minute or two to update each other. It's usually pretty quick. You'll be charged every 31 days.

What's the Sweathead Strategy Summer Camp? Is it part of the membership?

We launched the 100-day strategy summer camp as COVID-19 set in. We built the classes every day. We wanted to give people an affordable way to access a good strategy education. The summer camp was part of a membership. It was not a separate purchase. People who signed up for the camp will continue to have access to 100 classes while they are a subscriber to Sweathead.

Do I have to do one class to get the next class?

Yes. You need to do it to get it.

Are there any pre-requisites?


How much time is expected per class?

The heart of the classes and exercises requires about 30 minutes. But we'll push you to do more. For instance, if you have the time right now because you're out of work, you could certainly spend half a day on many of the classes.

Will the materials be available after the course is done?

Yes. The material will be available to Sweathead members as part of an active Sweathead membership.

Am I too experienced or too inexperienced for this?

This question is difficult to answer. Anyone who's yearning to learn will get something out the classes. We touch on practical techniques, psychology, philosophy, as well as applying strategy techniques to mental health and life.

What level of difficulty is this material?

The course isn't aimed at a high or low level. It's aimed at people with something to learn. It's such a tough question. The simple things, we break apart and get you to explore them differently. The complex things, we make simple as best we can.

Whom is this good for?

Anyone open to learning. Critical thinking is at the heart of this. And in the heart of critical thinking is a push to explore what's deep inside you. That is to say, this is very heartfelt. You might be a college student, a marketer, an intern, an aspiring strategist, a strategist with 2 years experience or 10 or 20. It doesn't matter.

People who struggle with empathy, introspection, and curiosity tend to struggle. People looking for shortcuts tend to struggle. So, if this isn't you, you'll do just fine.

What do I get?

Please read the terms and conditions. There are no tricks here. You get access to a high quality learning experience for $10 per month. You do not get to sell the course or download it. You get to use it while you're a member.

Are there refunds?


Can I give a membership or course?

We aren't set up to do this in a way that is easy. You could sign up and give someone your login. Please, remember there is a monthly payment as part of membership and all courses.

Can I buy a membership for a group of people?



"Strategy Is Your Words" by Mark Pollard

When are you releasing it?

We are gradually releasing it starting from August 2020. Initially, we'll do new sales for America and Canada. Then we'll open up to other regions.

Will the book be available in other formats?

We are currently selling it in one format - hardcover. We'll announce other formats later but we do not have any dates or plans in place.

Will the book be available in other languages?

Yes, we are currently translating the book into Spanish and Portuguese. These versions will be available late 2020.

Can I buy books for my company?

Of course. Email with how many copes you'd like and where they need to be sent.

Will this book make a good text book?

Let's hope so. It contains an uncommon mix of utterly practical techniques from the day job as well as absurdist philosophy and insights into the mind of a working strategist. Plus, it's riddled with truth bombs. Apparently, students appreciate real talk. You can email to find out how to order bulk copies.

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