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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

Advertising Freelancers, If You're Trying To Build Your Own Business, Listen To This - Brandon Williams

If you're a freelancer exchanging time for money, and chasing invoices while trying to explain to people what value you can really bring, how could setting up a company help you?

When The Idea Counts The Most, Process Might Just Count The Least - Selma Ahmed, Gen Grandsen, Will Grundy
Ever worked in a company that fusses with process and organizational charts but never makes good work? Yeah, the question houses the truth, doesn't it?
How Advertising Happens At One Of The World's Best Agencies - Richard Brim (CCO), Martin Beverley (CSO)
How does one the world's best agencies–adam&eveDDB-work?
Calling B.S. On Your Own Strategy Work - Rachel Bateast, VP
Why are you so caught up in being accurate instead of compelling? And that 100-slide deck–can anybody even use it?
15 Things That Need Saying After Interviewing 300 Strategists–Sweathead Third Anniversary Special

So, you've interviewed over 300 strategists from around the world and spoken with thousands more... what aren't we talking about enough?

How Feedback And Reviews Can Help Big Teams Do Even Better Work - Twitter Next
Let's say you have one hundred team members spread across the world. They work on thousands of briefs for massive brands every year. Often, they have to reach great ideas within a matter of days. They're doing well but you believe they can do ever better. Where do you start?

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