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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

Screenplay Techniques For Your Next Presentation - Victor Pineiro
What if your next presentation wasn't fifty slides of numbers followed by fifty slides of tactics? What if you could present your thinking within a story structure?
Turn That Observation Into An Insight–7 Ways To Stumble Your Way There
You have reams of research in your head but you need to whittle everything in your head into an insight fast–what do you do?
With Your Next Creative Brief, Linger On The Problem. Then Use It.
Problems can fix creative briefs. But how can something broken make something else work?
The Paths Taken By Beautiful Thinkers - Carolyn Hadlock, ECD
Do creative lives happen in straight lines?
Taking Stances - Jenny Chang, Strategist

What does it feel like to take a stance about a difficult topic and to let it rip in public?

Am I Making Sense Yet? - Richard Huntington, Chairman and CSO

What if account planners get paid for their confusion and clarity is fleeting but just a bonus?

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