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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

Missing People - Advertising Needs More People From Reality - Gavin Barrett, Derek Walker
Black, indigenous, and racialized minorities are barely visible in the advertising industries in North America. How does this feel and what needs to change?
Newish To Hiring? Here's How It Feels And How To Approach It - Nicole Rajesky, Senior Brand Planner
You're about to interview your first potential hire, how on earth do you feel right now?
How Advertising Happens At One Of The World's Best Agencies - Richard Brim (CCO), Martin Beverley (CSO)
How does one the world's best agencies–adam&eveDDB-work?
Sonic Branding - Strategy For Your Ears - Steve Keller, Pandora

How do you help a brand stay in someone's mind by going through their ears?

Ladies Who Strategize - Anita Schillhorn Van Veen, Strategy Director
Why are networks for women in advertising needed and how do they work?

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