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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

Do Management Consultancies Solve The Chunkiest Problems? - MJ Alexander-Scott
If your career is fiending for bigger problems to solve, is a management consultancy a good move for you?
Newish To Hiring? Here's How It Feels And How To Approach It - Nicole Rajesky, Senior Brand Planner
You're about to interview your first potential hire, how on earth do you feel right now?
Is It Me Or Is This Company Toxic? - Emma Siu, Thiago Bersou
What do you do when where you work is hurting you?
The Different Shapes Of Strategy Careers
You know that in-between feeling you get when you aren't quite in the job you have but haven't yet arrived in the job you want?
Why The Advertising Industry Needs You - Vanessa Toro, Group Strategy Director
If you wanted to tell the truth to a group of students eyeing advertising careers, what would you tell them?

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