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Sweathead Podcast Episodes

How To Get The Advertising Industry To Understand You - Fabiola Nguembu, Account Planner
How do you get the advertising industry and your clients to understand what you bring to the table?
Screenplay Techniques For Your Next Presentation - Victor Pineiro
What if your next presentation wasn't fifty slides of numbers followed by fifty slides of tactics? What if you could present your thinking within a story structure?
How Insights From Outsiders Are Useful - Erika Brenner
How are the insights of outsiders useful and how can outsiders find anything more than a stereotype? Erika Brenner is a marketer who has worked as...
If Your Research Is Boring How Can Anybody Use It? - Gunny Scarfo, Ben Zeidler, Nonfiction
How much of the research that brands commission ever gets used? And isn't that the point?
Not Starting From Scratch When You Respond to 1000s Of Briefs Per Year - Nick Susi, Head of Strategy, Complex Collective
When you respond to thousands of briefs in a year, how do you not start from scratch every day?
How Side Projects Help You (Especially When Snoop Dogg Is Your First Customer) - Jesse Nicely, Strategist and Entrepreneur
Side projects don't have to be side hustles - but what's the point of them?

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