The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator starts Nov. 1

The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator

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UPDATE October 11, 2021

A massive thanks to everyone who spoke at and attended our first ever conference The Sweathead Do-Together. Whatever you do, check out Derek Walker's talk here.

Our next strategy learning experience is The Sweathead Strategy Accelerator. It starts on November 1. Find the details here.


The Portuguese and Spanish versions of "Strategy Is Your Words" are now shipping. Estrategia!

We ask for patience as USPS and DHL are shipping during a pandemic. We have already shipped 4,000 copies and we work with everyone to make sure they receive their book.

You'll receive a tracking link after the book ships. For international orders, DHL hands over the book to your local postal service so keep an eye on your tracking link and check in with your local post office if there are delays once the book is in your country.

Currently, the book is only available as a hardcover.


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